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Top 10 Electronic Warfare System Companies in europe - 2022

Electronic warfare is evolving at a tremendous rate and its prominence is increasing as nations across the world are seeking to have a strategic advantage in the next generation of warfare technology. Electronic Warfare capabilities include the military’s capacity to detect enemies, protect its armed forces from attacks and provide electromagnetic spectrum sensor assistance by using electromagnetic signal technology such as radio, infrared, or radar. Several devices used in electronic warfare such as radar detectors and jammers in particular, are becoming more and more sophisticated.

With the use of high-power devices, an opponent is capable of disabling various elements of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) as well as datalinks and bearers, such as the Link 16 and VHF communications that are utilized by NATO soldiers. Such devices, which can be deployed at a battalion level, make it impossible for sensitive electronic warfare equipment to function as desired. To tackle such issues, entrepreneurs are leveraging state of the art technologies in the development of robust electronic warfare systems that can withstand breaches.

To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed solution providers, Aerospace and Defense Review Europe has compiled a list of the leading players in the field. This edition also offers a combination of thought leadership insights from subject-matter experts with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships among C-Suite executives, decision-makers, and CIOs. We hope this edition will provide you with the right guidance in choosing the best Electronic Warfare System Providers that fit your requirements

We present to you Aerospace and Defense Review Europe “Top 10 Electronic Warfare System Providers in Europe - 2022.”

    Top Electronic Warfare System Companies in Europe

  • Sagax Communications deliver advanced radio-electronic solutions with mature mainstream commercial technology.

  • Providing clients with the ability to monitor and analyze wireless communication signals, PROCITEC's go2signals software integrates into Low-SWaP as well as large systems, ensuring scalability and interoperability

  • From military defence in all sectors to civic security, Saab provides world-class products, services, and solutions to the worldwide market

  • ATDI Group

    ATDI Group

    ATDI creates cutting-edge software to manage the radio spectrum. ATDI has been a recognised pioneer in radio network design and spectrum management systems since 1988

  • DAS Photonics

    DAS Photonics

    DAS Photonics is a Spanish firm that develops high-end photonics solutions for the most demanding applications in space communications and signal intelligence domain

  • Decodio


    Decodio, a Zürich-based company, has established itself as a worldwide leader in Spectrum Monitoring (digital radio) by providing customised and agile solutions that surpass client expectations

  • Era


    ERA is a pioneer in multilateration, multistatic surveillance, and reconnaissance technologies. ERA has unrivalled experience in the creation of passive surveillance sensors, allowing it to provide comprehensive solutions for worldwide markets

  • Synopsis Corporation Group

    Synopsis Corporation Group

    The SYNOPSIS Corporation Group has been building solutions for testing Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems based on proven technology blocks for more than 40 years



    Terma’s high-tech solutions and products are developed and designed for use in extreme mission-critical environments and situations. The firm develops advanced structures for defense and nondefense aircraft and helicopters

  • Thales Group

    Thales Group

    The Thales group designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defense, transportation and security markets