Saab: Building A Safer World With Advanced Threat Combat Systems

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Micael Johansson, President and CEO, SaabMicael Johansson, President and CEO
For ages, warfare has been an integral part of world history. From the earliest days of sticks and stones to swords and arrows, and then to rifles and missiles, today’s warfare has reached new technological heights, with wars being fought with electronic means. Manned and unmanned platforms can use the cutting-edge electronic warfare (EW) systems from air, sea, land, and space to target humans, communications, radar, or other military and civilian assets. Warfare within the electromagnetic spectrum entails the military use of electromagnetic energy to restrict or limit an enemy’s effective use of the EMS while protecting friendly forces’ use of it. Predictably, the significance of EW in detecting and securing war threats is enormous since it can be disastrous to have an adversary monitor one’s communications or disable one’s ability to communicate or navigate.

Steering through the modern-day warfare arena, Saab brings a plethora of state-of-the-art EW systems and threat detection solutions with a goal to build a safer world where warfare threats are fast detected and neutralized efficiently. As a leading aircraft systems manufacturer, Saab provides world-class EW products, services, and solutions to governments, authorities, and enterprises worldwide, ranging from military defense to civil security.

Operating across continents, Saab’s core areas of expertise constitute aeronautics, advanced weapon systems, command and control systems, sensors, and underwater systems. In the realm of aeronautics, Saab is a leading supplier of world-class fighter systems and invested in R&D and production of other existing and future aircraft systems.
Saab’s high-end sensor solutions provide surveillance, decision support, threat detection, and protection with top-class microwave and antenna technology ranging from airborne early warning and control systems to surface radar and EW systems.

Saab’s half-century-long expertise in EW technology is reflected in its cutting-edge offerings that shield aircraft systems from radar and radar-guided weapons. They comprise self-protection systems for aircraft, helicopters, land vehicles, naval vessels, and submarines, and signals intelligence systems for passive interception and analysis of radar and communication signals that improve situational awareness from airborne, land-based, and naval platforms. Moreover, Saab’s countermeasures systems provide the necessary protection for mission success and a safe return to base in the event of radar interception.

A range of futuristic EW solutions adorns Saab’s impressive portfolio. The Arexis Electronic Warfare (EW) suite provides critical situational awareness and unparalleled defensive and offensive electronic warfare capabilities, whether fully integrated onboard an aircraft, in a mission pod, or as a payload on an autonomous vehicle. Saab’s Integrated Defence Aids Suite (IDAS) is a tried-and-tested platform-agnostic, integrated self-defense system for aerial platforms. IDAS systems are in use on more than 30 aircraft types in over 15 different countries, some of which are NATO members. Its advantages include instantaneous responsiveness to multiple threats and intuitive situational awareness. Next, the Sirius Airborne EW Suite – HES-21 provides electronic support measures (ESM), electronic intelligence (ELINT), and countermeasures for self-defense. In combination with the antenna system, it provides a near 100 percent probability of intercept (POI). Lastly, Saab’s EW Countermeasure Dispensing Systems (CMDS) for aerial platforms provide self-protection in sophisticated, varied, and intense threat environments.
  • Saab brings a plethora of state-of-the-art EW systems and threat detection solutions with a goal to build a safer world where warfare threats are fast detected and neutralized efficiently

Additionally, Saab provides an EW Operational Support (EWOS) system to fulfill the high demands of EW data analysis organizations. It reduces the time taken to reprogram threat libraries and analyze recorded EW data, thus increasing crew survivability and improving the chances of mission success.

Equipped with world-leading technologies in varied niches, Saab is focused on internationalizing its operations in strategic global markets in the US, the UK, and Australia, while strongly rooted in its home turf Sweden. In the future, Saab will continually strive to grow and innovate along with the pace of technological progress in the EW field and strengthen its position in the defense and aerospace industry.
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Stockholm, Sweden

Micael Johansson, President and CEO

From military defence in all sectors to civic security, Saab provides world-class products, services, and solutions to the worldwide market